Turbo Your Wheel & Shaft Balancing

CEMB Hofmann’s Turbine Wheel & Shaft Automatic Machine is a turbo balancing machine. Automatically detect unbalance and correct by grinding on two planes, the machine designed specifically for Turbine Wheel & Shaft ensures unbalance can be quickly identified and resolved. A dedicated, specific software performs the analysis of the load generated by the unbalance and […]

New Turbine Wheel & Shaft Measuring Machine

Dedicated to innovation, CEMB Hofmann has built on its successful turbo assembly balancing machines to develop a new measuring machine for Turbine Shaft and Wheel. The unbalance measuring machine for Turbine Shaft & Wheel makes it possible to automatically detect unbalance on two planes. How it works The machine’s dedicated, specific software performs the analysis […]

Next Generation Portable Vibration Analysis

CEMB Hofmann brings you the new N130 – state-of-the-art portable vibration analysis. This portable vibration analysis instrument is easy-to-use, fast and rugged. N130 vibration analysis provides you with: Vibrometer High resolution FFT Machine analysis Bearing status BOOK YOUR DEMO WITH CEMB HOFMANN TODAY.

Case study: Greenwood Forest Products

“Having been in business since 1973, I have had access to over 1,000 electrical contractors on site over those years. Your engineer is the first to tick every box. 11/10, amazing job done, can’t thank him enough.” Richard McClure, Owner, Greenwood Forest Products CEMB Hofmann was called to Greenwood Forest Products in Sheffield to conduct a Vibration Analysis […]

Tackling Manufacturing Quality by Reducing Vibration

Quality is at the heart of all production processes, as the manufacturing sector faces squeezed profit margins and fierce competition. Yet, delivery of quality time-after-time can only be achieved by a programme of machinery maintenance and understanding of the impact that this has on the quality of the production output. One contributing factor is the […]

Minimise Production Downtime with On-Site Balancing & Vibration Monitoring

Reducing the downtime of machinery is essential to maximise efficiency and production in your plant. Yet routine or emergency maintenance still significantly affecting loss of production. For large installations and where maintenance dictates, CEMB Hofmann UK offers an on-site dynamic balancing service from experienced engineers using our own portable balancing equipment. These portable devices can […]

Driving Balancing Automation for Electric Motors

The Dynamic balancing machine model ZB20TCA has an advanced robot process that builds automation to ensure that precision is achieved. A two-plane horizontal balancing machine, the ZB20TCA has been designed so the rotor is transferred to the correction station by a robot that manipulates the rotors, so that weights can be added to both planes […]

Robust balancing machine corrects unbalance

Machine: Dynamic balancing installation Model: ZB5TCGV CEMB Hofmann dynamic balancing installation ZB5TCGV is a standard two plane horizontal balancing machine with a belt drive system. This machine plays an integral part of the production process for correcting unbalance in rotary engines. Fitted with piezo transducers for measuring unbalance, this hard bearing dynamic balancing machine replaces […]

Delivering balancing excellence to agricultural firms

Industrial use: Agricultural Machine: Dynamic balancing machine Model: ZB4500GGV Installed for agricultural applications, CEMB Hofmann dynamic balancing machine model ZB4500GGV replaces an existing installation. Capable of balancing rotors from 160mm to six metres in length, the innovative balancing machine is supplied with a telescopic reinforced safety guard and two zero speed interlocks, which prevents the […]

Robust rotor balancing adds capacity

Industrial use: Rotor balancing Machine: Dynamic balancing machine Model: ZB4500TCGGV Increasing capacity to 6000 Kg for symmetrical rotor assemblies and 3000 Kg for rotor assemblies measured in the overhung position, the dynamic balancing machine model ZB4500TCGGV replaces an existing machine. This standard two plane horizontal balancing machine is fitted with both belt and end drive […]

Full traceability and identification for automotive production

Industrial use: Automotive components Machine: Dynamic balancing machine Model: VEBK 50 UO-A Automotive components production process enhanced with installation of Cemb Hoffmann’s dynamic balancing machine, model VEBK 50 UO-A. The standard two plane vertical balancing machine offers reassurance with a built-in correction unit. The machine is fitted with a horizontal drilling unit that is mounted […]

Increasing capacity for pump maintenance & motor repairs

Industrial use: Pump maintenance and electric motor repairs Machine: Dynamic balancing machine Model: ZB2000 TCGV Installed for pump maintenance and electric motor repairs, CEMB’s dynamic balancing machine replaces an existing installation. This has increased capacity to 3000 Kg and 1500 Kg for overhung rotors. The dynamic balancing machine is simply calibrated by adding the geometrical […]