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Industrial use: Rotor balancing
Machine: Dynamic balancing machine
Model: ZB4500TCGGV

Increasing capacity to 6000 Kg for symmetrical rotor assemblies and 3000 Kg for rotor assemblies measured in the overhung position, the dynamic balancing machine model ZB4500TCGGV replaces an existing machine.

This standard two plane horizontal balancing machine is fitted with both belt and end drive systems for driving different types of rotor.

The dynamic balancing machine is simply calibrated by adding the geometrical dimensions of the rotor to be balanced. After one measurement and independently of the rotation speed, the dynamic balancing machine automatically calculates and displays the amount and position of imbalance.

rotor balancing

Supplied in the customers preferred colour, the ZB4500TCGGV can measure imbalance in rotors weighing up to 6000 Kg and has a measuring sensitivity of 6gmm. The dynamic balancing machine can be connected to a printer for downloading personalised balancing certificates or to a local intranet system so that measuring results can be archived for future reference.

Fitted with the latest Windows based technology, the measuring instrument provides fast, accurate results enabling unbalance correction to be completed in the shortest time.

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