Balancing and vibration analysis since 1946

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“Having been in business since 1973, I have had access to over 1,000 electrical contractors on site over those years. Your engineer is the first to tick every box. 11/10, amazing job done, can’t thank him enough.”
Richard McClure, Owner, Greenwood Forest Products

CEMB Hofmann was called to Greenwood Forest Products in Sheffield to conduct a Vibration Analysis Survey on its ‘Hammer Mill’ machine. Greenwood Forest Products is a specialist trade supplier of timber building materials and animal bedding products.

Owner, Richard McClure was overjoyed with the quality of service and swift resolution of the issues identified by CEMB Hofmann UK’s analysis.

Extensive on-site vibration survey

Inspection of the Hammer Mill was conducted by CEMB Hofmann UK to identify any issues with the equipment, alongside recommended steps for resolving any problems.

Using the CEMB Hofmann N600 portable balancing unit with spectrum analyser, data collector and multipurpose vibrometer, the testing covered:

  • Residual unbalance
  • Misalignment
  • Incorrect assembly, including bearing clearances, etc.
  • Issues with the belt drive system
  • Design of the supporting structures
  • Loose internal components
  • Faulty roller bearings

Greenwood Forest Products’ Hammer Mill was successfully balanced on-site. CEMB Hofmann UK identified that another machine situated close to the Hammer Mill was transmitting vibration to the Hammer Mill causing a negative effect.

After the outstanding service, Greenwood Forest Products is excited to work with CEMB Hofmann UK again in the future.