Balancing and vibration analysis since 1946

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Quality is at the heart of all production processes, as the manufacturing sector faces squeezed profit margins and fierce competition. Yet, delivery of quality time-after-time can only be achieved by a programme of machinery maintenance and understanding of the impact that this has on the quality of the production output.

One contributing factor is the effects of vibration in rotating equipment, but this can be swiftly addressed. CEMB Hofmann UK are specialists in the analysis and correction of dynamic unbalance and vibration, which can affect all aspects of manufacturing.

Balancing quality
Manufacturing firms can benefit from reducing vibration, improving balancing. We discuss a few of the main advantages:

  1. Optimise performance – Increase your productivity by enabling you to operate at higher speeds. Dynamic balancing of rotating parts means that equipment works to optimum ability, delivering quick quality assurance.
  2. Produce higher accuracies – Improve surface finish with vibration free spindles and achieve smaller mechanical tolerances.
  3. Longer life components – Deliver a higher return-on-investment of your machinery; increase the life of your bearings and time between expensive tool changeovers.
  4. Save downtime – Production efficiency is enhanced with less unexpected interventions required for maintenance.
  5. Reduce energy consumption – With better performance, comes less power used.
  6. Reduce noise levels – Create a better working environment with quieter products for your customers and machine operators, without compromising on quality.
  7. Reduce mechanical stress – Working with less vibration minimises wear and tear between components, increasing the life of parts and reducing reduce failure rates.
  8. Reduce operating costs – All of these benefits will improve quality, reduce warranty claims and save you money.

Take the friction out of your production
With the manufacturing sector under pressure to achieve the highest quality standards, there is a need to keep waste to a minimum and productivity high. One easy way is to ensure that your manufacturing equipment is working efficiently, helping you to deliver.

CEMB Hofmann UK provide an efficient sub-contract balancing service. With easy to operate dynamic balancing machines, as well as portable balancing and vibration systems, we can improve and monitor your rotating equipment. A hassle-free service, that keeps your production running, more efficiently, for longer.