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Industrial use: Automotive components
Machine: Dynamic balancing machine
Model: VEBK 50 UO-A

Automotive components production process enhanced with installation of Cemb Hoffmann’s dynamic balancing machine, model VEBK 50 UO-A. The standard two plane vertical balancing machine offers reassurance with a built-in correction unit.

The machine is fitted with a horizontal drilling unit that is mounted on an independent vertical axis for removing material by drilling holes in two planes.

The two plane machine is installed as part of a production process producing automotive components with an average cycle time less than 90 seconds, including a marking system and providing full traceability.

automotive production balancing

Fitted with a system that identifies different rotor types for mixed production, the dynamic balancing machine knows the areas where removing material is permitted. The dynamic balancing machine is also fitted with a marking system for incorporating date codes and identification.

The software calculates the least number of holes required to achieve the tolerance given the maximum depth of hole, drill dimeter and density of material to be removed. In addition, there is an automatic calibration protocol for removing material by drilling holes in predetermined angular positions.

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