The smart solution for vibration analysis

A dual-channel portable balancer vibrometer and machine analyser with 4,3″ graphic display – up 10 kHz Vibrometer and Machine Analyzer with static and dynamic balancing function.

Ergonomic design
A heavy-duty instrument, simple portable vibration meter and ergonomic, designed for extremely quick vibrometry checks on any rotating machine in narrow spaces. Simple to use graphic interface with real-time correction help engineers evaluate the rolling bearing conditions in order to help engineers in planning their activities and to make predictive maintenance.

Quick and simple functions
With the N330, you can measure the level of total vibration (acceleration, velocity, displacement) and identify the most important frequency peaks indicating any abnormalities of the rotary machine. The N330 is capable of both single plane and 2 plane balancing. Now it’s possible to make a sequential switching between channels 1-A and 1-B avoiding an incorrect measure of each plane.

Big memory space
The N330 has 14.8 GByte of space and can be expandable to 128 GByte, providing you room to storage over 1000+ measurement readings.

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