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Our ZBK200 machine is specifically designed to automatically achieve all the required tasks for the balancing of crankshafts up to a maximum weight of 200 kgs.

In addition to offering unbalancing measuring, balancing optimisation is achieved by distributing the correction over several planes to achieve the best results. The ZBK200 also runs checks to ensure that the balancing tolerance has been reached.

Special features

The ZBK200 boasts numerous innovative features. It minimises the amount of material to be removed with the obvious advantages in terms of drilling times and useful tool working life. It also virtually eliminates the amount of reject pieces and enables a fast, controlled drilling axis unit to be used, with enormous advantages in terms of flexibility.

In addition, the ZBK200 has a special hook drive system and offers a single unbalance measuring and drilling station, meaning that both actions can be achieved on the same station.

Operators can change the drill speed during operation and there is also the functionality to make swarf breaker cycles. Machine operation is controlled by computer to allow for greater flexibility and to change production parameters in a few minutes and all motors are controlled by PLC, connected to the instrumentation.

Technical Information

Measuring and correction station:

  • weight of workpiece max – 200 kgs
  • mean bearing diameter – 60 ÷ 140 mm
  • measuring speed, typical rpm – 250 – 500
  • length of workpiece max – 1500 mm

 Drilling unit:

  • drilling capacity (steel up to 1300 N/mm2) – 28 mm
  • feed thrust max – 2,500 kgs
  • spindle stroke – 400 mm
  • speed, adjustable – 1000÷2800 rpm
  • cutting speed, adjustable – 50÷100 m/min

From our base in the UK, in addition to the supply of high quality machines, we offer a comprehensive support service including installation and commissioning, engineer service and support plus swift parts supply. We also offer contract balancing services at our state-of-the-art dynamic balancing facility based in Manchester to cover any capacity or capability constraints.