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Our seven-year working relationship with an aviation maintenance and engineering company continues to go from strength to strength following the completion of their latest contract balancing project.

The company, based in the south east of England, engaged with us in 2015 to look after their dynamic balancing requirements. To date we have balanced a variety of components, including turbine compressor wheels, first and second gas producers and compressor assemblies, some of which require high speed and intricate balancing techniques.

A key aspect of the service that we provide is the ability to ensure a swift turnaround, usually within three to five days, with a break down service as support. They also take advantage of our palletised return service, ensuring timely delivery back to their workshop facility.

With locally based teams of engineers and technical staff, we are well placed to service the dynamic balancing needs of companies across the UK and Ireland. Our Manchester workshop facility is equipped with a range of both horizontal and vertical balancing machines to cover a multitude of applications for the aviation sector, including turbine rotors, rotor sub-assemblies, fans, turbines, compressors, gears, transmissions and air starters.

Rob Jeffery, Managing Director at CEMB Hofmann UK, comments: “Providing a swift turnaround is an important factor in their day-to-day operations. This, plus our reputation and experience in the aviation sector, were key reasons as to why we were selected as their contract balancing partner over seven years ago. Our contract balancing service is predominantly used by companies who either don’t have the expertise or equipment in-house or where project size, capacity issues and skills gaps require an outsourced service. We have long understood the benefits of offering a contract balancing service, which is why it’s a vital part of our dynamic balancing offering in the UK and Ireland.”