vibration analysis vibration monitoring

Absolute vibration transmitter with 2 alarm levels

Compact systems, easy to install and interface to the centralized acquisition system

Measurement of the absolute vibration of the bearing or support of any type of rotating machine which can be interfaced directly to an acquisition system supplying an analog signal (4 รท 20 mA) and 2 alarm contacts

The TRAL-A and TRAL-V transmitters minimize the incidence of installation and wiring, which normally limits the application possibilities of conventional vibration monitoring systems.

Possible arrangements when placing the order:
Type of transducer (velocity meter, accelerometer, PT100).
Quantity measured (displacement, velocity, acceleration, temperature).
Measurement mode (RMS, peak, peak-to-peak).
Range of measurement.
Characteristics of the high pass flter.
Characteristics of the low pass flter.