CUBE – The solution for vibration monitoring 

CUBE, the new 3 axial vibration sensor for machine protection, condition monitoring and predictive maintenance. 

A triaxial sensor for vibration measurement, predictive diagnostics and protection of rotating machinery.

Integrates filtering and FFT algorithms to measure the performance and efficiency of rotating machinery: state of bearings, joints and rotating parts subject to wear.

Can detect the rotational speed or pulsation frequencies of fans, propellers, compressors etc.

Combines the function of machine protection and monitoring via Modbus/IP and HTTP.

CUBE is delivered with a predefined configuration that covers the most common applications and is fully configurable to fit any custom or special requirement. 

Here below a summary of what can be configured:
Low speed vs high speed machine
Bandpass filters for velocity & acceleration
Vibration mode, range, unit of measure
Alarm setpoint & delay
Rotation speed detection mode & parameters
Tag name of the point
IP address

Available Downloads