vibration analysis vibration monitoring

Absolute vibration transmitter Transmitter with provision for fastening to a DIN guide

The TR-A/V/VMT transmitter connected to a dedicated transducer (accelerometer, velocimeter or velomitor) measures absolute vibration of any machine support and is capable of directly interfacing with an acquisition system (PLC or DCS) in 2-wire (4-20 mA current loop) or 3-wire technique

The TR-A/V/VMT transmitter processes the signal coming from the transducer connected to it and converts it into a proportional analogue signal at the measured magnitude.It can be installed in a secure area and connected by means of certified barriers to intrinsic safety transducers positioned in a classified area.

It comes complete with terminal strips for connection to a power supply, input and output signals and a BNC for connection to an analyser.