vibration analysis vibration monitoring

Absolute vibration transmitter

The integrated transmitter TR-26 measures the absolute vibrations of any rotating machine support

The transmitter, secured directly on machinery, generates an electric signal (4รท20 mA) which is proportional respectively to vibration velocity or acceleration.

The transmitter is made of an AISI 316L body with machine connection thread; the connection to the acquisition system is effected by means of a MIL-C-5015-2 poles connector.

NOTE: The transmitter is available in different configuration versions and does not need any set-up or maintenance.

TR-26 monitors vibration of the point where fixed and interfaces directly to PLC/DCS 2 wires current loop. It is available with different certifications: intrinsecally safe Atex, TP TC, IECEx.

The transmitter is certificate SIL 2 for functional safety