N600 Multipurpose Dual channel vibrometer for vibration analysis and balancing.

Portable two-channel instrument with a 7” color display for balancing and for vibration analysis up to 10 KHz.
The mini USB port enables data transfer to a PC by memory stick.
For those who want to perform complex functions easily and intuitively.

Balancing and analysis of vibration on hand
Vibrations Analyzer extremely powerful and versatile, designed for extremely quick Vibrometric checks, balancing in service conditions, detailed analysis on any rotating machine.

Efficiency, advantages and cost savings thanks to a perfect balancing
N600 provides the information needed for the organization of predictive maintenance.
It’s the best solution for technical interventions, test room, R&D and technical service for balancing and for vibration analysis.
The portable instrument N600 through a detailed analysis of the vibrations, allows the control and the solution of any vibration problem in a simple, quick and intuitive way by a powerful software designed to ease the operator work.

Instrument functions
Advanced vibration analysis, FFT and troubleshooting of rotating machinesrotating balancing on 1 or 2 correction planesVibration analysis in function of time and speed (Bode diagram)Run up and coast down for critical frequencies lookingAnalysis of the waveforms in the time domainVibration phase measurementVibration Frequency AnalysisOverall vibration Measurement (acceleration, velocity, displacement)

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