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The turbo, high speed machine from CEMB Hofmann UK is just a small part of the company’s portfolio, but an important one that requires specialist knowledge to install, calibrate and maintain.

In order to keep our skills up-to-date, one of our engineers recently completed a four-week course. as part of our Continual Professional Development (CPD) commitments, at CEMB S.p.A’s headquarters in Italy (pictured).

This latest course follows an in-depth 18-month training programme, completed in 2019, that specifically covered turbo charger balancing machines. Certified by CEMB S.p.A, the course was comprehensive and covered mechanical assembly; building electrical panels; machine start-up and debugging to pre-acceptance; PLC understanding; setting and alignment of fixtures and the calibration of axes.

Then in November 2021, our engineer returned to Italy to undertake the latest training. Over four weeks he was trained on the latest version of the machine including PLC structure, fault finding and debugging; calibration; general functions; speed calibration; oil circulation cycle; migration cycle procedure and hydraulic and pneumatic circuits.

Rob Jeffery, Managing Director at CEMB Hofmann UK, comments: “We are committed to CPD and every year we invest considerable resources in ongoing training. CEMB S.p.A are fully supportive of this and offer top quality training. As with all our training, this latest course ensures our engineers have the most up-to-date knowledge and skills, so they can service our customers’ needs and we can continue to offer them a premium support service in the UK.”