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We’ve recently completed the installation of a ZB300 dynamic balancing machine for an international leader in the design, engineering and manufacturing of fluid-flow equipment.

Installation and training were completed in March 2022 and the new machine is now being used to balance impellers used in firefighting equipment.

Offering fast and accurate horizontal axis dynamic balancing, the ZB300 is suitable for measuring static and dynamic unbalance in rotors up to 450 kgs. It uses the latest B11 Windows measuring instrumentation and allows for balancing at a wide range of speeds.

The machine installed was from our recently redesigned and reengineered range, whereby the large control cabinet located next to the machine has been replaced with a new instrumentation panel, that cantilevers into the right position via a newly designed arm, making it an integral part of the machine.

This results in a smaller physical footprint and more compact design, requiring less production floor space. In addition, less cabling and trunking is required leading to a more compact and ordered operating environment.

It also offers improved ergonomics, making the machine easier to operate, resulting in improved productivity and efficiency.

All machine sales are supported by our comprehensive installation, calibration and training services plus on-site support as required, delivered by our highly trained, UK based engineers.