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An Ireland based agricultural machine components and general engineering specialist has upgraded its horizontal balancing machine following 28 years of service.

The company, based in County Tipperary, took advantage of one of CEMB Hofmann UK’s specialist upgrade kits, specifically developed for older balancing machines where spare parts may have become obsolete.

The specialist upgrade package included the removal of the old equipment from the cabinet and replacement with new components. As the upgrade kits have been devised to work with all existing components, it was not necessary to replace pickup cables, photocell sensor or encoders.

The upgrade also included the latest B11 Windows measuring instrumentation, that has allowed the company to expand its service offering by increasing its capability.

The installation of the upgrade package, which included calibration, was completed by CEMB Hofmann UK’s engineers in February 2022.

Over the course of 28 years the company never had an issue with its horizontal balancing machine and have been impressed with the professional service received from CEMB Hofmann UK. They were also impressed with the ease of installation and the fact that it gives a new lease of life to an existing machine.