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CEMB has recently developed and made available new software for balancing flexible rotors.

This software allows you to achieve the best possible balancing by the use of pre-set balancing planes (2 or 3 planes) in only one measuring cycle.

Several readings are automatically performed in sequence and at different speeds during the same measurement. These measurements are compared with the coefficients obtained during calibration and enable you to obtain reliable data to balance the rotor with only one measuring cycle.

Should the rotor have very high unbalance the procedure automatically stops for the safety of the machine and operator. In these circumstances the software stores the correction values measured at low speed before stopping. This allows the operator to perform a pre-balancing cycle and reduce the initial unbalance, enabling final measurement at maximum speed.

Calibration is obtained by using a pre-balanced shaft so that the rotor can run at the maximum defined speed. When this software function is not enabled, the machine works as a standard hard bearing machine with manual speed adjustment.

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