Balancing and vibration analysis since 1946

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Machine Calibration and Service

If you have a balancing machine and need to certify the accuracy according to ISO standards for audit, production or customer satisfaction, CEMB Hofmann UK can help. A comprehensive report that identifies maintenance requirements and identifies wearing parts is offered together with a machine calibration service, improving quality and increasing productivity.

Dynamic On-Site Balancing

For large installations and where maintenance dictates, CEMB Hofmann UK offers an on-site balancing service from experienced engineers using our own portable balancing equipment. These portable devices can quickly calculate the unbalance value and phase angle in one or two planes, reducing downtime and lost production due to routine or emergency maintenance.

Machine Upgrades

Using the latest instrumentation, CEMB Hofmann UK can upgrade and refurbish your existing balancing machines. Quality of balancing, machine uptime and improved efficiency can be achieved by replacing out of date instrumentation with the latest technology. If you need peace of mind, continuity of spare parts and a guarantee then put some life back in your equipment.

Condition Monitoring

Data logging combined with our own data management software enables us to monitor vibration levels and predict planned maintenance schedules for your plant and machinery.

Vibration Monitoring

Misalignment and bearing failure are two causes of vibration. By scanning the vibration we can identify the origin and recommend the best corrective action.