Pocket balancer easy to use Dual channel vibrometer, analyzer, interface to PC

Compact two-channel instrument for balancing and for Vibration Analysis up to 1 KHz.
Backlit B/W Graphic display. Interface to PC for the printing of graphics and certificates.
For operators who use the machine intensively on the field.
Compact and ergonomic , suitable for heavy duty environments.

Ergonomic design
Portable vibration analyzer, light and ergonomic designed for extremely quick Vibrometric checks on any rotating machine in narrow spaces.

Speed and efficiency
The N300 instrument , in case unbalance of the rotating parts, allows balancing without need to disassemble the rotating part.Its weight and small size allows to use it in heavy duty environment and this makes it the ideal tool for technicians and for the after-sales service.Being extremely easy to use, N300 allows to achieve quickly excellent results in balancing and vibration analysis.

Speed and easy functions
N300 portable vibration analyzer is a quick and easy solution to keep under control the vibration on all applications having a rotation part.It’s possible to measure the level of overall vibration ( ISO10816- 3 ), to perform synchronous measurements ( 1xRPM ) and also to balance rotating parts in service conditions on 1 or 2 correction planes, using either one or two sensors .Thanks to the bright graphics display and the intuitive “step-by- step software” the use of the instrument is very simple and intuitive also for non-expert users.The quick-fit connectors allow the simultaneous connection of two independent measuring channels and a photocell. The mini USB port enables data transfer to a PC.

Dedicated to professionals
N300 CEMB gives an answer to all engineering companies and also to all maintainers who , today more than ever , need to rely on a compact and ergonomic balancer . Ease of use and rapid intervention are N300 strengths .The N-PRO software (optional) stores and analyze on a PC the data measured by the tool.

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