Single channel portable vibrometer Frequency analyzer Tachometer

Compact single-channel instrument for measurement and analysis of vibrations up to 1 KHz.
Backlit B/W Graphic display. Interfaced with a PC for the printing of graphics and certificates.
With tachometer function using an optional photocell.

Ergonomic design:
Simple portable vibration meter, light and ergonomic, designed for extremely quick Vibrometric checks on any rotating machine in narrow spaces.

Ideal for preventing, efficiency and saving
The vibration instrument is essential to check the mechanical condition of a machine, to make predictive maintenance and to evaluate mechanical vibration of new or repaired machine.N100 is particularly suitable for the maintenance of rotating machinery, testing room, R&d.

Simplicity and speed of the functions
By N100 you can measure the level of total vibration (acceleration, velocity, displacement) and identify the most ‘important frequency peaks indicating any abnormalities of the rotary machine.You can perform synchronous (1xRPM) measures through the optional photocell.The quick-fit connectors allow the connection of the instrument to the sensors quickly and effectively, the mini USB port enables data transfer to a PC.

Creation of certificates and vibration FFT analysis
N100, together with the N-PRO software, enables the creation and printing of customized vibration certificates that can be useful in maintenance or repair operations.The software allows you to perform FFT analysis while the machine is on.

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